Skin irritation can be downright bothersome.

• Dry, itchy hands from hand washing are no fun.

Redness, inflammation and allergies from everyday detergents make it difficult to live with.

Psoriasis and eczema disturb you day and night.

We understand.

Our founder has worked with clients and their skin for more than 17 years.

After searching for a more effective way to calm the skin, we created one just for you.

Used by top stylists and barbers across the country. Reviewed by countless men, women, kids, and pets for fast relief.

Dusting Powder


Kabuki Brush


Nourishing Powder


Nourishing Powder + Kabuki Brush Set


Refreshing Dry Shampoo

Dusting Powder

The all over body dusting powder. Great on the back of the neck after a haircut, soothes irritated skin, absorbs moisture, and neutralizes odor.

Nourishing Powder

The sensitive skin treatment solution. Works to calm and clear acne, eczema, and reduce redness from nicks, cuts and abrasions .