5 Gift giving ideas for anyone in the family (including the pets)

by Stefanie Lendzian on November 22, 2021

The holidays are coming, and for many people, figuring out what to give to their friends and family can be a struggle. What do you give Aunt Melinda who has absolutely everything? With recent challenges due to shortages and trucking issues, the selection available has also gotten slim.

Here are 5 gift giving ideas for anyone in the family (and friends too!), no matter how difficult they might be to shop for.

1. Gifts for the pet lover

Chances are there is someone in the family who loves cats or dogs. They may have several pets, foster, or even walk or groom them professionally. They may simply like their pet more than anything else in the world. If you know your family member or friend is an animal lover, a natural refreshing Pet Powder may be a gift they’ll love!

This powder is gentle on the skin, and is ideal for any animal that tends to have skin problems. If your friend, family member, co-worker, or neighbor has a pet, they’ll appreciate this thoughtful gift with its simple ingredient list.

2. A practical gift to show that you care

If you know someone who is always on the go, Our Nourishing Powder is also a wonderful choice to include in their first aid kit, purse, or travel bag. The Nourishing Powder is a dry substance, so it doesn’t attract germs like a moist cream can. It can be applied to cuts and scrapes to help keep it clean, promote healing, and reduce germs.

Winter isn’t just a time for snowball fights and warm crackling fires. It can also be a time for dry skin. If someone is always on the go and tends to suffer in the colder weather, the nourishing powder can help rejuvenate their skin and help them feel more like themselves all winter long.

The changes in the world has also found many of us using hand sanitizer more than ever while we’re out and about, which can leave our hands feeling dry and cracked. And now that the colder weather months are upon us and many people will be spending more time indoors, this gives germs a perfect opportunity to circulate in the air. The Nourishing Powder has anti microbial properties and also helps to protect cuts and irritated skin without giving germs a place to land. It can help soothe hands, chapped lips, as well as dry, cracked skin, all while keeping us safe from germs.

This is a gift that says I care about you and your health and wellbeing. And if they have sensitive skin or are mindful of using products with chemicals in them, they might really appreciate the fact that all our products are all-natural, vegan, talc-free, and free of fragrances and perfumes.

3. Got hair?

Another great gift to always have on hand in a purse, or travel bag, is our Refreshing Dry Shampoo. It is a great choice since dry, itchy scalp flares in the winter and cooler months, it can help protect, nourish,

and clean their scalp in between shampoos. It is formulated with soothing natural ingredients, making this the perfect hair care solution for everyone, including those with oily, dry, or damaged hair and sensitive scalps.

With two different options our all-natural powder seamlessly blends into light or dark hair for an invisible nourishment they will enjoy. At the same time, the added non-nano zinc oxide protects their hair and scalp from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

4. Hair stylists

Hair stylists are always looking for ways to improve their work, and make things better for their guests. A bottle of Dusting Powder can not only reduce irritation on the skin, but it can also help remove all those pesky little hairs that end up on the neck of the person getting the haircut.

If your friend or family member loves their job as a stylist, picking up a new tool for their kit might make them the happiest of all!

5. Fitness lovers

Natural powders also do a wonderful job of absorbing sweat and odors, so if your friend or family member loves to work out, this is a great choice for them. Our Dusting Powder can be used as an all-over body powder helping to absorb moisture and eliminate odors, all while treating the skin for irritation, cuts and scrapes. This is especially a great gift if they have sensitive skin and find deodorants and creams hard on their skin.

Gifts for some family members are harder than others to shop for. Think outside the box to find these people a suitable gift. NAPRIM Naturals might seem like an unusual selection, but they can be the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for the hard-to-shop-for person on your list!


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