Why I don’t use creams and ointments on my children’s sensitive skin

by Stefanie Lendzian on January 27, 2022

For most parents, lotion is an important part of their kids skin care routine. Frequent bathing can dry your childrens skin out, and nighttime lotion is often recommended to help relax your child and prepare them for sleep.

While lotions are a frequent part of many parentsroutine, here are 4 reasons why I never include them in my routine.

They burn their eczema

Eczema is a common skin disease that causes itchiness and discomfort to our children. When faced with an uncomfortable rash, many times our first instinct is to apply a soothing cream to try and make the itchiness or irritation go away.

Many creams burn instead of soothe, which may leave your child dreading your help instead of looking forward to it.

Bacteria can build up in moisture-rich environments

Cream based products are moist by their very nature. Thats not just supposed to be soothing for skin, but its also the perfect home for bacteria to build up in. Rather than smear a collection of microbes on my childrens skin, particularly if sunburns or open wounds are involved, I prefer to use a dry powder instead.

They are sticky

As a parent, I have enough problems to deal with. I dont need to add access to a sticky wonderland to my child on top of that. Applying a lotion could help moisturize my childs skin or provide comfort, or it could be a collection point for crumbs.

A dry powder on the other hand, helps not only keep dirt from getting attracted to and stuck on their skin, but it also helps keep anything they touch clean as well.

Its a waste of money

When you think about what you are getting with a cream or lotion, it doesnt seem worth the money. Lotions and creams do more harm than good. They attract bacteria, stick dirt to our childrens skin, and can burn rather than soothe.

We dont want these things for our children even when they happen as part of life, let alone something we intentionally pay for. Its far better to direct our money towards buying something that will soothe wounds or moisturize skin without trapping bacteria or dirt against our childrens skin.

When I choose a product for my childs skin care routine, I choose powders. Nourishing powders for example can help moisturize skin, keep wounds clean, and soothe irritation without any of the drawbacks of a cream or lotion.

Because it is dry, it wont attract bacteria or dirt. Instead it provides a clean barrier that keeps dirt and bacteria away from our childrens skin. I also want a product that will soothe rather than irritate, which this product does a good job of.

Finally, I want a product that I know will do what I want at an affordable price. Nourishing powders provide all of these things, and keep my children comfortable and safe no matter what their skin needs are.

If you are looking for a way to keep your childs delicate skin safe, think powders not cream. And think of the NAPRIM Naturals Nourishing Powder. Its better and safer for your children. It is vegan, all-natural, talcum free, naturally unscented, free from fragrances and perfumes, and proudly made in the USA.


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