It all begins with an idea

I’ve spent twenty years as a cosmetologist working to make each visit special for my clients. The idea for NAPRIM Naturals was born from countless conversations with guests who agreed that every hair care product should be safe and sustainable.

In 2018 I realized there was no dusting powder that worked for everyone. Many contained talc, which new research had linked to cancer, and most were scented for men. Others were too thick and left a heavy residue on the skin. Almost every option came in a bottle that wasted product and made a mess.

The name NAPRIM is derived from Naturally Prim - the feeling I want all clients to experience after their haircut service. NAPRIM Naturals is for stylists, barbers and at home use as a natural powder to create an irritation-free experience.

I wanted to make powders universally safe and soothing. Our products are always talc-free, all-natural, vegan, and naturally unscented. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

—Stefanie Lendzian, Founder of NAPRIM NATURALS

Why I created the Nourishing Powder

Stefanie Lendzian shares her personal story about finding treatment for her daughter’s skin.